Journal of Information Systems Education (JISE)

Data Analytics, Business Intelligence, and Big Data Manuscripts

Volume 32

Teaching Tip: Emerge2Maturity: A Simulation Game for Data Warehouse Maturity Concepts
Michael V. Mannino, Mohammed Khojah, and Dawn G. Gregg

Volume 31

A Longitudinal Analysis of Job Skills for Entry-Level Data Analysts
Tianxi Dong and Jason Triche

Teaching Tip: A Foundation Course in Business Analytics: Design and Implementation at Two Universities
Limin Zhang, Fang Chen, and Wei Wei

Using Active Learning, Group Formation, and Discussion to Increase Student Learning: A Business Intelligence Skills Analysis
Darryl Romanow, Nannette P. Napier, and Melinda K. Cline

Integrative Learning and Interdisciplinary Information Systems Curriculum Development in Accounting Analytics
Joseph M. Woodside, Fred K. Augustine, Jr., Valrie Chambers, and Monica Mendoza

Data Analytics in Higher Education: An Integrated View
Andy Nguyen, Lesley Gardner, and Don Sheridan

Volume 30

Invited Paper: The Transition from MIS Departments to Analytics Departments
Andrew Urbaczewski and Kellie B. Keeling

Design and Implementation of a Data Visualization Course with a Real-World Project Component in an Undergraduate Information Systems Curriculum
Svetlozar Nestorov, Nenad Jukić, and Sippo Rossi

Teaching Case: Strategic Actions in a Platform Context: What Should Facebook Do Next?
Eric C. Larson and Carl Vieregger

Teaching Tip: Pedagogy for Business Analytics Courses
Anand Jeyaraj

The Role of Flow in Learning Distributed Computing and MapReduce Concepts using Hands-On Analogy
Colin Conrad, Michael Bliemel, and Hossam Ali-Hassan

Teaching Tip: A Teaching Module of Database-Centric Online Analytical Process for MBA Business Analytics Programs
Shouhong Wang and Hai Wang

Volume 27

Teaching Data Analysis with Interactive Visual Narratives
Dilal Saundage, Jacob L. Cybulski, Susan Keller, and Lasitha Dharmasena

Teaching Case: Who Renews? Who Leaves? Identifying Customer Churn in a Telecom Company Using Big Data Techniques
Daniel A. Asamoah, Ramesha Sharda, Pankush Kalgotra, and Mark Ott

IS Programs Responding to Industry Demands for Data Scientists: A Comparison Between 2011-2016
Robert J. Mills, Katherine Chudoba, and David H. Olsen

Managing the Innovation Process: Infusing Data Analytics into the Undergraduate Business Curriculum (Lessons Learned and Next Steps)
Cliff Wymbs

Volume 26

Data Analytics vs. Data Science: A Study of Similarities and Differences in Undergraduate Programs Based on Course Descriptions
Cheryl L. Aasheim, Susan Williams, Paige Rutner, and Adrian Gardiner

Volume 25

Bringing Business Intelligence to Health Information Technology Curriculum
Guangzhi Zheng, Chi Zhang, and Lei Li

Volume 19

Teaching Case: Knowledge Creation through User-Guided Data Mining: A Database Case
David M. Steiger

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