Journal of Information Systems Education (JISE)

The Journal of Information Systems Education constantly needs reviewers. Reviews are generally expected to be completed within four weeks. Reviews should be constructive and provide positive feedback to the authors. This page lists the active reviewers from the past three years (not including those listed below). If you would like to become a JISE reviewer, send your name and affiliation to the Editor at You will probably receive a manuscript to review shortly thereafter.

JISE Editors


Lee Freeman University of Michigan - Dearborn (USA)

Associate Editor

Kay Fielden Unitec Institute of Technology (New Zealand)

Associate Editor

Don Kerr University of the Sunshine Coast (Australia)

Associate Editor

Susanne Strahringer TU Dresden (Germany)

Associate Editor

Nolan Taylor Indiana University (USA)

Senior Advisory Board

Joey F. George John D. DeVries Endowed Chair in Business
Iowa State University (USA)
Albert L. Harris Editor Emeritus, JISE
Appalachian State University (USA)
Susan E. Kruck Editor Emeritus, JISE
James Madison University (USA)
Blake Ives C. T. Bauer Chair in Business Leadership
University of Houston (USA)
Ephraim R. McClean Regents' Professor and George E. Smith Eminent Scholar's Chair in Information Systems
Georgia State University (USA)

Senior Editorial Board

Jenine Beekhuyzen Griffith University (Australia)
Tal Ben-Zvi Stevens Institute of Technology (USA)
Michael Cuellar Georgia Southern University (USA)
Geoffrey Darnton Requirements Analytics (UK)
Brian Dobing University of Lethbridge (Canada)
Dana Edberg University of Nevada - Reno (USA)
Grandon Gill University of South Florida (USA)
Sunil Hazari University of West Georgia (USA)
Kamal Hingorani Alabama State University (USA)
Chris Jones California State University - Northridge (USA)
Machdel Matthee University of Pretoria (South Africa)
John McAvoy University College Cork (Ireland)
Kevin Pauli Mississippi College (USA)
Asghar Sabbaghi Roosevelt University (USA)
Todd Schultz Augusta University (USA)
Miguel-Angel Sicilia University of Alcala (Spain)
Bernd Stahl De Montfort University (UK)
Craig Van Slyke Northern Arizona University (USA)
Bun Yue University of Houston - Clear Lake (USA)

Editorial Board

C. Annamalai University of Modern Science (UAE)
Jeffry Babb, Jr. West Texas A&M University (USA)
John Campbell Australian National University (Australia)
Jordan Cao Winthrop University (USA)
Jason Cohen University of the Witwatersrand (South Africa)
Mike Estep Cameron University (USA)
Kathrin Figl University of Vienna (Austria)
Lesley Gardner University of Auckland (New Zealand)
Bogdan Hoanca University of Alaska (USA)
Brandi Hollier University of Louisiana - Lafayette (USA)
Pankaj Kamthan Concordia University (USA)
Barbara Klein University of Michigan - Dearborn (USA)
Hsiang-Jui Kung Georgia Southern University (USA)
Michael Lane University of Southern Queensland (Australia)
Michael Lang National University of Ireland (Ireland)
James P. Lawler Pace University (USA)
Diane Lending James Madison University (USA)
Yair Levy Nova Southeastern University (USA)
Lei Li Kennesaw State University (USA)
Alan Litchfield Auckland University of Technology (New Zealand)
Mike Martel BerryDunn (USA)
Jeffrey W. Merhout Miami University (USA)
Michel Mitri James Madison University (USA)
Heng Ngee Mok Singapore Management University (Singapore)
Jason Papathanasiou University of Macedonia (Greece)
Alan Peslak Penn State University (USA)
Tony Pittarese East Tennessee State University (USA)
Christopher Schultz University of Maryland (USA)
Andrey Soares University of Colorado Medical Campus (USA)
Norma Sutcliffe DePaul University (USA)
Rhonda Syler University of Arkansas (USA)
Rao Vajjhala American Univesity of Nigeria (Nigeria)
Rajat Varuni George Washington University (USA)
Paul D. Witman California Lutheran University (USA)
Andrew Wright University of Louisville (USA)
Xihui "Paul" Zhang University of North Alabama (USA)

Past Editors-in-Chief

Alka Harriger 1989-1994
Mary Jo Haught 1995-1996
Kevin L. Elder 1997-2000
Albert L. Harris 2000-2009
Susan E. Kruck 2009-2014