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JISE Constituents and IS Community,

With the help of Alka Harriger (the first EIC of JISE), James Pope (a former colleague of Paul Zhang @ University of North Alabama who is currently working in UK), and Kevin Elder (the third EIC of JISE), we have successfully found all the papers in 12 previously missing JISE issues, including 1(1), 1(2), 1(4), 2(1), 3(1), 4(1), 4(4), 5(1), 7(4), 8(1), 10(1), and 10(3-4). The papers in these 12 missing issues have been uploaded to the AIS eLibrary and the JISE website as well as some major indexing databases. However, three papers are still missing from the JISE archives. They are:

  • Becker, S. A., McGuire, E. G., & Medsker, L. R. (1992). An Information Systems Instructional Model for Supporting the DPMA 1990 Guidelines. Journal of Information Systems Education, 4(2), 21-26.
  • Hosseini, J. (1993). Application of Bloom's Taxonomy and Piaget Model of Cognitive Processes to Teaching of Management Information Systems Concepts. Journal of Information Systems Education, 5(3), 35-46.
  • Lee, C. C., Kettinger, W. J., & Kullboer, J.-P. (1996). Market Segmentation of Information Systems Academic Programs based on Job Placement: A Model and Pilot Study. Journal of Information Systems Education, 8(2-3), 57-65.
Please contact us at if you can help out in any way. Thank you for helping us complete the JISE archives!

Paul Zhang, EIC of JISE
Volume 32, Issue 4, Fall 2021, is now published (see Current Issue section below). Enjoy!

This issue marks my first issue as JISE Editor-in-Chief. I want to thank the outgoing JISE Editor-in-Chief, Lee Freeman, University of Michigan-Dearborn, for his trust, support, and patience. Please join me in thanking him for serving as JISE Editor-in-Chief for seven outstanding years.

I also want to thank the entire JISE editorial team and all contributing authors for making this issue possible.

Paul Zhang, University of North Alabama

Current Issue

Volume 32, Issue 4, Fall 2021

228 Teaching Tip: A System to Automate Scaffolding and Formative Assessment While Preventing Plagiarism: Enhancing Learning in IS and Analytics Courses That Use Excel
Raymond Frost, Ohio University
Vic Matta, Ohio University
Lauren Kenyo, Ohio University

244 Teaching Case: Integrating Systems at We Build Stuff: Analysis and Design Case
Anne Powell, Southern Illinois University Edwardsville
Connie Barber, University of Arkansas Little Rock

249 Teaching Case: Analyzing Disney World Wait Time Data: A Lesson in Visualization Using Tableau
Concetta A. DePaolo, Indiana State University
Aimee Jacobs, California State University, Fresno

253 Effectiveness of Educational Delivery Modes: A Study in Computer Information Systems
Alan Peslak, Penn State University
Lisa Kovalchick, California University of Pennsylvania
Wenli Wang, Robert Morris University
Paul Kovacs, Robert Morris University

262 College-Based Career Interventions: Raising IT Employability and Persistence in Early Careers of IT Professionals
Tenace Kwaku Setor, University of Nebraska at Omaha
Damien Joseph, Nanyang Technological University

274 Designing Group Assignments to Develop Groupwork Skills
Mairéad Hogan, National University of Ireland Galway
Karen Young, National University of Ireland Galway

283 First Course Programming Languages within US Business College MIS Curricula
Tim C. Smith, Iowa State University
Leslie Jones, University of Tampa

294 The Effect of Digital Citizenship on Negative Online Behaviors and Learning Outcomes in Higher Education
Mary Dunaway, Morgan State University
Mary Macharia, Southern Illinois University, Edwardsville

About JISE

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The Journal of Information Systems Education (JISE) is a peer reviewed journal published quarterly that focuses on IS education, pedagogy, and curriculum including model curriculum; course projects/cases; course materials; curriculum design, implementation, & assessment; technology selection & impact; and industry relations, etc.

The mission of JISE is to be the premier journal on information systems (IS) education. To support that mission, JISE emphasizes quality and relevance in the papers that it publishes. In addition, JISE recognizes the international influences on IS education and seeks international input in all aspects of the journal, including authorship, reviewing, and Editorial Board membership. Ove the last 5 years, the acceptance rate is 22%.

JISE operates as a Diamond Open Access journal. This means that there are no subscription fees, no submission/processing fees, and no publication fees. All papers published in JISE have undergone rigorous peer review. This includes an initial editor screening and double-blind refereeing by three or more expert reviewers. JISE follows industry standard ethical guidelines for all aspects of operations (submissions, reviews, editing, publishing, etc.). Additional details are available regarding the submission process and the types of articles.


The EDSIG Conference on Information Systems and Computing Education (EDSIGCON) is a peer-reviewed conference for academic professionals and institutions of higher learning focused on Information Systems education including (but not limited to) model curriculum, assessment, distance education challenges, capstone and service learning projects, and information systems research geared toward educators. EDSIGCON 2021 in Washington DC was a great success! EDSIGCON 2022 will be held in Clearwater, Florida on Wednesday, November 2 - Saturday, November 5, 2022. Check out for full details regarding the call for participation, key dates, and more which will be available in the near future.

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