Journal of Information Systems Education (JISE)

Volume 34

Volume 34, Issue 3, Pages 293-306

Summer 2023

Methodological “Learning-by-Doing” for Action Design Research

Tadhg Nagle
Gail Birkbeck
Niamh Daly
Sharon Jones
John O’Sullivan
David Sammon

University College Cork
Cork, Ireland

Abstract: This study shares the direct experiences of designing and implementing methodological “learning-by-doing” for Action Design Research (ADR) within a 5-credit module that condenses the realities of completing a full ADR project without compromising the rigour of the approach. The module is described in detail, along with the specifics of its implementation over two years and the key learnings from doing so. Adopting a confessional writing approach, documented experiences from those involved (both designers and students) provide a rich data source, analysed using autonomous and communicative reflexivity. The underlying contribution of this paper is that it provides insights into the learning of ADR, the doing of ADR, and the outcomes of a technique that simultaneously combines both. As a result, ADR educators and researchers can draw on these insights to further their teaching, learning, and research endeavours. Finally, key insights such as forced pragmatism and the challenge of problematisation add to our understanding of conducting ADR while avoiding issues such as methodological slurring.

Keywords: Methodological learning-by-doing, Action design research (ADR), Confessional writing, Curriculum design & development, Active learning

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Recommended Citation: Nagle, T., Birkbeck, G., Daly, N., Jones, S., O’Sullivan, J., & Sammon, D. (2023). Methodological “Learning-by-Doing” for Action Design Research. Journal of Information Systems Education, 34(3), 293-306.