Journal of Information Systems Education (JISE)

Volume 16

Volume 16 Number 4, Pages 421-428

Winter 2005

Multicultural Effectiveness Assessment of Students in IS Courses

Tom Margavio
Mike Hignite
Duane Moses
Geanie W. Margavio

Southwest Missouri State University
Springfield, MO 65804, USA

Abstract: Previous research efforts have identified certain values, traits or personality characteristics associated with success in international or multicultural settings. This study was designed to assess the multicultural effectiveness levels of a group of students enrolled in Information Systems (IS) courses, and factors associated with that adaptability, with resulting implications for developing strategies for success in preparing students for an increasingly global, multicultural business environment. Using the Multicultural Personality Questionnaire (MPQ) as the instrument to assess students' profiles, results of the study indicate that the vast majority of students participating in this study possessed profiles that were generally positive in terms of multicultural effectiveness constructs. Results of the study further indicate the existence of significant relationships between such factors as multicultural experience and globalization courses taken and increased scores on the measures of multicultural effectiveness. Recommendations derived from the study include suggestions for future research designed to determine if changes in the educational experiences of students can be made that will directly affect the multicultural adaptability of students.

Keywords: Multicultural effectiveness, Globalization, Business students, Cultural adaptability

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Recommended Citation: Margavio, T., Hignite, M., Moses, D., & Margavio, G. W. (2005). Multicultural Effectiveness Assessment of Students in IS Courses. Journal of Information Systems Education, 16(4), 421-428.