Journal of Information Systems Education (JISE)

Volume 16

Volume 16 Number 4, Pages 379-383

Winter 2005

Teaching Tip
Peer Review to Support Student Assessment in Teams

Sigi Goode
Seng-Thiam Teh

The Australian National University
Canberra 0200, Australia

Abstract: Group projects are common in many Information Systems courses. This approach to syllabus delivery helps students to understand the mechanics and implications of working in teams. Peer review is integral to this teaching method. However, there is argument in the literature that students may be unable to objectively assess the progress of themselves and their peers. This paper documents a structured approach to assessing students in peer contexts and discusses the application of this approach in the context of a project management course.

Keywords: Peer review, Information systems projects

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Recommended Citation: Goode, S. & Teh, S. -T. (2005). Teaching Tip: Peer Review to Support Student Assessment in Teams. Journal of Information Systems Education, 16(4), 379-383.