Journal of Information Systems Education (JISE)

Volume 16

Volume 16 Number 3, Pages 351-368

Fall 2005

E-Hermes: An Xml Tool for the Classroom

Andreas I. Nicolaou
Patricia A. Essex
Madhavarao Raghunathan

Bowling Green State University
Bowling Green, OH 43403, USA

Li Liu
Goose Island Beer Company
Chicago, IL 60612, USA

Abstract: This paper describes the development of an XML-based tool, called e-Hermes, suitable for use in a variety of instructional contexts. e-Hermes simulates the capabilities of a web-based system to handle customer order transactions and to apply both document structure (data format) validations and application (data content) validations. Students in Information Systems (IS) courses can use e-Hermes to support their learning about web-based database and system design principles, to practice using XML or to understand e-commerce transactions. Assignments are provided in this paper, along with an appendix for instructors who need more background in XML. This paper, therefore, presents important educational contributions in the field of information systems.

Keywords: Classroom instruction, XML, Electronic commerce simulation

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Recommended Citation: Nicolaou, A. I., Essex, P. A., Raghunathan, M., & Liu, L. (2005). E-Hermes: An Xml Tool for the Classroom. Journal of Information Systems Education, 16(3), 351-368.