Journal of Information Systems Education (JISE)

Volume 9 - Table of Contents

Volume 9 Number 1-2, Fall 1998

3 Cybertools for Instructors: Using the Internet and the World Wide Web to Enhance Learning in the Classroom
France Belanger, Virginia Tech
Dianne H. Jordan, Booz-Allen & Hamilton

10 Learning by Doing: A Remote Communication Project
Chelley Vician, University of Wisconsin - Oshkosh
Kathryn R. Nickles, Wake Forest University

15 Retooling Information Technology Professionals
Hemant Jain, University of Wisconsin - Milwaukee
Souren Paul, Concordia University

20 Using the Socratic Method to Teach Computer Ethics
John M. Artz, George Washington University

25 An Experientially Oriented Lab Course within a Management Information Systems Curriculum
Leslie K. Duclos, University of Northern Iowa

29 An Evaluation of Introductory MIS Textbooks based on Readability Measures
Mary E. Brabston, University of Tennessee - Chattanooga
Judy C. Nixon, University of Tennessee - Chattanooga
Marilyn M. Helms, University of Tennessee - Chattanooga

35 A Study of Key IS Issues for Effective IS Programs
Yongbeom Kim, Fairleigh Dickinson University

39 The Internet: An Assessment of Student Perceptions
Ronald L. Berry, Northeast Louisiana University
Mary C. Jones, Mississippi State University

44 Computer Applications and Concepts for Business Student Career Success
Thomas G. Goeller, University of Tampa
Brenda Massetti, St. John's University

49 Computer Anxiety, Training and Education: A Meta Analysis
Mayur S. Desai, Indiana University - Kokomo
Thomas C. Richards, University of North Texas

55 Computing Use Violations in Academic Settings
Heidi Perreault, Southwest Missouri State University
Nancy Keith, Southwest Missouri State University

59 CIS/MIS Curriculums in AACSB and Non-AACSB Accredited Colleges of Business
Stanley E. Gambill, Middle Tennessee State University
J. Lee Maier, Middle Tennessee State University

Volume 9 Number 3, Winter 1998

3 Facilitating Bloom's Level One through Active Learning and Collaboration
Roy J. Daigle, University of South Alabama
Michael V. Doran, University of South Alabama

7 Skill Requirements for Entry Level IS Graduates: A Report from Industry
Craig Van Slyke, Ohio University
Marcy Kittner, University of Tampa
Paul Cheney, University of South Florida

12 Software Submission using Client/Server Architecture in a Windows Network Environment
Luann Stemler, Illinois State University
David Doss, Illinois State University
Bill Swafford, Illinois State University

15 Beyond the Classroom: Mentoring in the CIS Academic Community
Michael V. Doran, University of South Alabama
Roy J. Daigle, University of South Alabama
Robert A. Robertson, University of South Alabama

19 Globalization Issues in Information Systems Education: Toward a Collaborative Multischool Systems Analysis Experience
William J. Tastle, Ithaca College
U. Rex Dumdum, Marywood College

24 The Approaching Crisis in Computing Education: Enrollment, Technology, Curricula, Standards and their Impact on Educational Institutions
Mark Hensel, University of Texas - Arlington