Journal of Information Systems Education (JISE)

Volume 5 - Table of Contents

Volume 5, Number 1, Spring 1993

2 Guest Editorial: The Future of Information Systems: Leadership Through Enterprise Integration
Ravis S. Kalakota, University of Texas at Austin
Andrew B. Whinston, University of Texas at Austin

9 A Market Research Study for Graduate Education in Management Information Systems
Mary Sumner, Southern Illinois University Edwardsville

17 Training Is the Key to Implementing a Group Decision Support System
Heidi R. Perreault, Southwest Missouri State University

22 Bridging the Gap Between the University and the Local DPMA Chapter: The Case for Cooperative University/Industry Student Projects
Richard G. Mathieu, University of North Carolina at Wilmington

27 A Study of Microcomputer Resource Policies at Two- and Four-Year Colleges and Universities
Randall Parker, Piedmont Community College

32 The Selection of the DPMA Model Curriculum as the Foundation for the MIS Program in the Business College of a Public University
Mayes D. Mathews, Christopher Newport University
Kathryn McCubbin, Christopher Newport University

Volume 5, Number 2, Summer 1993

2 Working towards a Multimedia Learning Environment: Experiences in the Classroom
Gayle J. Yaverbaum, Pennsylvania State University - Harrisburg

8 Undergraduate Videodisc Repurposing Projects: Big Screen Results on a Windows Budget
John M. Ross, Indiana University - Kokomo

12 Establishing an Ergonomic Multimedia Environment to Support Information Systems Instruction: A Case Study
Hsin-Ginn Hwang, Northeast Louisiana University

20 International Information Systems and Technology: Course Development and Implementation
P. Candace Deans, Wake Forest University

28 Nonlinear Instruction of MIS: Why and When?
Mohamed Khalifa, Concordia University

36 The Database Project: Maximizing its Value
Bruce Rollier, University of Baltimore

42 Implementing the Four Year Model Curriculum: The Initial Courses
Kathryn McCubbin, Christopher Newport University
Mayes D. Mathews, Christopher Newport University

Volume 5, Number 3, Fall 1993

2 Bringing Object-Oriented Programming into the Undergraduate Computer Information Systems Curriculum
John K. Gotwals, Purdue University
Mark W. Smith, Purdue University

9 An Object-Oriented Information Systems Course
T. M. Rajkumar, Miami University

17 A Proposed MIS Curriculum Modeled on Anthony's Pyramid
Gary A. Williams, Western Carolina University
Lynn R. Heinrichs, Western Carolina University

23 Assessing Computing Literacy of Business Students in a Regional University: The Prospects for the 90s
Minoo S. Amini, Ball State University

35 Application of Bloom's Taxonomy and Piaget Model of Cognitive Processes to Teaching of Management Information Systems Concepts
Jinoos Hosseini, Univeristy of New Hampshire

47 A Central Course in Continuing ISM Education for IS Professionals
Eugene Kaluzniacky, University of Winnipeg

53 Pretest-Posttest Measure of Introductory Computer Students' Attitudes toward Computers
Tonya B. Barrier, Southwest Missouri State University
Thomas M. Margavio, Southwest Missouri State University

Volume 5, Number 4, Winter 1993

9 Essential Element for Viability of I.S. Education: Improving our Creativity
J. Daniel Couger, University of Colorado

14 Evolving Trends in Information Systems Education
Eli B. Cohen, Eastern New Mexico University

18 Testing Recognition of Computer-Generated Icons
Floyd J. Brock, University of Nevada - Las Vegas
William A. Newman, University of Nevada - Las Vegas

24 The Business Protocol Expert System: An International Business Manners Advisor
Jay Liebowitz, George Washington University

28 Client-Server Computing: Getting your Feet Wet
Lynn R. Heinrichs, Western Carolina University

34 Student Internships in Information Systems: Creating Opportunities and Solutions
David van Over, University of Idaho
Byron Dangerfield, Univeristy of Idaho

38 Consortium Training: Improving the Distribution Channel
Robert E. Wood, Drake University

41 Interdisciplinary Coursework: A Systems View
John J. Vargo, University of Canterbury