Journal of Information Systems Education (JISE)

Volume 24

Volume 24 Number 4, Pages 291-298

Winter 2013

Promoting the Use of Online Social Technology as a Case-based Learning Tool

Peter Ractham
Thammasat Business School
Bangkok 10200, Thailand

Charlie Chen
Appalachian State University
Boone, NC 28607, USA

Abstract: Social technology is proliferating and influencing different aspects of society. However, very few studies have examined the use of such a technology for a case-based learning pedagogy. This preliminary study investigates the use of social technology as a case-based learning tool to improve the effectiveness of case-based learning in the classroom. A total of 116 students in a public university in Thailand were formed into teams and spent two weeks discussing a Harvard business case via the social technology Edmodo. After the experiment, an online survey was conducted with these participants to assess the efficacy of using Edmodo for solving this case. The Task-Technology Fit (TTF) theory was used to assess the impact of case-based learning and the tasks that the students had to carry out. The findings of this preliminary study suggest that the TTF theory could be used as an effective theory to help better understand not only the user behaviour but also the usefulness of online social technology as a case-based learning tool. However, the theory may not be able to fully capture the complexity of online social technology adoption in the case-based learning context. Theoretical and practical implications are drawn from the findings of this preliminary study.

Keywords: Computer assisted education, Social networking, Educational software

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Recommended Citation: Ractham, P. & Chen, C. (2013). Promoting the Use of Online Social Technology as a Case-based Learning Tool. Journal of Information Systems Education, 24(4), 291-298.