Journal of Information Systems Education (JISE)

Volume 21 - Table of Contents

Volume 21 Number 1, Spring 2010

5 Teaching Tip: Using a Wiki to Collaborate on a Study Guide
Diane Lending, James Madison University

15 Teaching Case: Outsourcing a High Speed Internet Access Project: An Information Technology Class Case Study in Three Parts
Richard G. Platt, University of West Florida
William B. Carper, University of West Florida
Michael McCool, Hilton Sandestin Beach Golf Resort & Spa

27 Teaching Case: InterCon Travel Health: Case B
Gregory E. Truman, IE Business School
Dessislava A. Pachamanova, Babson College
Michael A. Goldstein, Babson College

33 On IS Students' Intentions to Use Theories of Ethics in Resolving Moral Conflicts
Tero Vartiainen, Turku School of Economics
Mikko Siponen, University of Oulu

43 The Impact of IQ+EQ+CQ Integration on Student Productivity in Web Design and Development
Jensen J. Zhao, Ball State University
Sherry Y. Zhao, International Computer Science Institute

55 Teaching MBA Students the use of Web2.0: The Knowledge Management Perspective
Meira Levy, Ben-Gurion University of the Negev
Irit Hadar, University of Haifa

69 IS Staffing During a Recession: Comparing Student and IS Recruiter Perceptions
Jean A. Pratt, University of Wisconsin - Eau Claire
Karina Hauser, Utah State University
Steven C. Ross, Western Washington University

85 Team-Based Peer Review as a Form of Formative Assessment - The Case of a Systems Analysis and Design Workshop
Ilana Lavy, The Academic College of Emek Yezreel
Aharon Yadin, The Academic College of Emek Yezreel

99 Harnessing Information Technology to Improve the Process of Students' Evaluations of Teaching: An Exploration of Students' Critical Success Factors of Online Evaluations
Dorit Nevo, York University
Ron McClean, York University
Saggi Nevo, University of Albany

111 Experience on Mashup Development with End User Programming Environment
Kwok-Bun Yue, Univesity of Houston - Clear Lake

121 Towards Greater Learner Control: Web Supported Project-Based Learning
Cameron Guthrie, Toulouse Business School

Volume 21 Number 2, Summer 2010

141 Teaching Tip: Accelerating Student Learning of Technology Terms: The Crossword Puzzle Exercise
Thomas G. Whisenand, Shippensburg University
Steven M. Dunphy, Indiana University Northwest

149 Teaching Case: The Rescue911 Emergency Response Information System (ERIS): A Systems Development Project Case
Jason F. Cohen, University of the Witwatersrand
Franz H. Thiel, University of the Witwatersrand

159 Teaching Information Systems Development via Process Variants
Wee-Kek Tan, National University of Singapore
Chuan-Hoo Tan, City University of Hong Kong

173 IS Success Model in E-Learning Context Based on Students' Perceptions
Ronald D. Freeze, Emporia State University
Khaled A. Alshare, Emporia State University
Peggy L. Lane, Emporia State University
H. Joseph Wen, Emporia State University

185 The Importance of Emphasizing Individual Learning in the "Collaborative Learning Era"
Aharon Yadin, The Academic College of Emek Yezreel
Rachel Or-Bach, The Academic College of Emek Yezreel

195 Demonstrating Operating System Principles via Computer Forensics Exercises
Kevin P. Duffy, Wright State University
Martin H. Davis, Jr., Wright State University
Vikram Sethi, Wright State University

203 Are Men more Technology-Oriented than Women? The Role of Gender on the Development of General Computer Self-Efficacy of College Students
Jun He, University of Michigan - Dearborn
Lee A. Freeman, University of Michigan - Dearborn

213 Team Learning in Technology-Mediated Distributed Teams
Hayward P. Andres, North Carolina A&T State University
Belinda P. Shipps, North Carolina A&T State University

223 A Call to IS Educators to Respond to the Voices of Women in Information Security
Amy B. Woszczynski, Kennesaw State University
Sherri Shade, Kennesaw State University

233 Teaching ERP Systems: A Multi-Perspective View on the ERP System Market
Axel Winkelmann, University of Koblenz-Landau
Christian Leyh, Technische Universität Dresden

241 Examining the Affects of Student Multitasking with Laptops During the Lecture
James M. Kraushaar, University of Vermont
David C. Novak, University of Vermont

253 Business Process Elicitation, Modeling, and Reengineering: Teaching and Learning with Simulated Environments
Anand Jeyaraj, Wright State University

Volume 21 Number 3, Fall 2010

275 Teaching Tip: Using Cascading Style Sheets to Design a Fly-Out Menu with Microsoft Visual Studio
Chang Liu, Northern Illinois University
Charles Downing, Northern Illinois University

283 Teaching Tip: An Introduction to Collaboration with SharePoint for First-Year Business Students
Laura Atkins, James Madison University
Carey Cole, James Madison University

291 Student Projects as a Funding Source
Kerry L. Henson, University of Central Missouri

299 Bolstering Teaching through Online Tools
Anil Singh, University of Texas - Brownsville
George Mangalaraj, Western Illinois University
Aakash Taneja, The Richard Stockton College of New Jersey

313 Evaluation of a Teaching Tool - Wiki - in Online Graduate Education
Caroline L. Park, Athabasca University
Cheryl Crocker, Grant MacEwan University
Janice Nussey, University of Alberta
Joyce Springate, Athabasca University
Darlene Hutchings, Western Health

323 A Systemic Review of Developing Team Competencies in Information Systems Education
Kathrin Figl, Vienna University of Economics and Business

Volume 21 Number 4, Winter 2010

349 Teaching Tip: Using Virtual Servers to Teach the Implementation of Enterprise-Level DBMSs: A Teaching Note
William P. Wagner, Villanova University
Vik Pant, Oracle Corporation

355 Teaching Tip: Consuming Web Services: A Yahoo! Newsfeed Reader
Mohammad Dadashzadeh, Oakland University

361 Teaching Case: Teaching Software Componentization: A Bar Chart Java Bean
Michel Mitri, James Madison University

371 Teaching Case: Mobile Phone Service Process Hiccups at Cellular, Inc.
Theresa M. Edgington, Baylor University

375 Using the same Problem with Different Techniques in Programming Assignments: An Empirical Study of its Effectiveness
Michael Newby, California State University - Fullerton
ThuyUyen H. Nguyen, Northumbria University

383 An Active, Reflective Learning Cycle for E-Commerce Classes: Learning about E-Commerce by Doing and Teaching
Alan S. Abrahams, Virginia Tech University
Tirna Singh, Jacobs Technology, Strategic Systems Group

391 Mapping the Information Systems Curricula in UK Universities
Angelos Stefanidis, University of Glamorgan
Guy Fitzgerald, Brunel University

411 Are we Teaching the IS 2009 Model Curriculum?
Charles H. Apigian, Middle Tennessee State University
Stanley E. Gambill, Middle Tennessee State University