Journal of Information Systems Education (JISE)

Volume 19 - Table of Contents

Volume 19 Number 1, Spring 2008

5 Teaching Tip: First Impressions: An Alternative Way to Start a Systems Development Course
Jack W. Fellers, Drake University

11 Online Education Forum: Part One - The Shift Toward Online Education
Charlene A. Dykman, University of St. Thomas
Charles K. Davis, University of St. Thomas

17 Analysis of Skills Requirement for Entry-Level Programmer/Analyst in Fortune 500 Corporations
Choong K. Lee, Keimyung University
Hyo-Joo Han, Georgia Southern University

29 Incorporating Virtual Teamwork Training into MIS Curricula
Fang Chen, University of Manitoba
James Sager, California State University - Chico
Gail Corbitt, California State University - Chico
Stanley C. Gardiner, California State University - Chico

43 Why are Students not Majoring in Information Systems?
Kent A. Walstrom, Illinois State University
Thomas P. Schambach, Illinois State University
Keith T. Jones, Illinois State University
William J. Crampton, Illinois State University

55 Clicking to Learn: A Case Study of Embedding Radio-Frequency based Clickers in an Introductory Management Information Systems Course
Matthew L. Nelson, Illinois State University
Roslin V. Hauck, Illinois State University

65 Proposing a New Framework and an Innovative Approach to Teaching Reengineering and ERP Implementation Concepts
Robert Pellerin, Ecole Polytechnique de Montreal
Pierre Hadaya, Universite du Quebec a Montreal

75 Opening the Classroom
Richard T. Watson, University of Georgia
Marie-Claude Boudreau, University of Georgia
Paul T. York, University of Georgia
Martina Greiner, University of Georgia
Donald E. Wynn, University of Dayton

87 The Impact of Students' Perceived Computer Experience on Behavior and Performance in an Introductory Information Systems Course
Deborah J. Ballou, Tennessee Technological University
Brian R. Huguenard, Tennessee Technological University

99 Defining Projects to Integrate Evolving Team Fundamentals and Project Management Skills
Harold Smith, III, Pennsylvania State University - New Kensington
Debra Smarkusky, Pennsylvania State University - Worthington Scranton
Elizabeth Corrigal, Pennsylvania State University - Worthington Scranton

111 Assessing Individual-Level Factors Supporting Student Intrinsic Motivation in Online Discussions: A Qualitative Study
Ronnie H. Shroff, Hong Kong Institute of Education
Douglas R. Vogel, City University of Hong Kong
John Coombes, City University of Hong Kong

Volume 19 Number 2, Summer 2008
Special Issue on IS Education Assessment

137 Teaching Tip: A Design Thinking Approach to Teaching Knowledge Management
Shouhong Wang, University of Massachusetts - Dartmouth
Hai Wang, Saint Mary's University

141 Teaching Tip: "One-Size-Does-Not-Fit-All": Teaching MBA Students Different ERP Implementation Strategies
Viswaneth Venkatesh, University of Arkansas

147 Teaching Case: Remote Services, Inc.
Steven A. Morris, Middle Tennessee State University

157 Online Education Forum: Part Two - Teaching Online versus Teaching Conventionally
Charlene A. Dykman, University of St. Thomas
Charles K. Davis, University of St. Thomas

165 Assessment: Placing the Emphasis on Learning in Information Systems Programs and Classes
Bruce White, Quinnipiac University
Herbert E. Longenecker, Jr., University of South Alabama
Lynn McKell, Brigham Young University
Albert L. Harris, Appalachian State University

169 From Teaching to Learning: Learner-Centered Teaching and Assessment in Information Systems Education
Bruce M. Saulnier, Quinnipiac University
Jeffrey P. Landry, University of South Alabama
Herbert E. Longenecker, Jr., University of South Alabama
Teresa A. Wagner, Miami University

175 Why is the Learner-Centered Paradigm so Profoundly Important for Information Systems Education?
Jeffrey P. Landry, University of South Alabama
Bruce M. Saulnier, Quinnipiac University
Teresa A. Wagner, Miami University
Herbert E. Longenecker, Jr., University of South Alabama

181 A Methodology to Assist Faculty in Developing Successful Approaches for Achieving Learner-Centered Information Systems Curriculum Outcomes: Team Based Methods
Teresa A. Wagner, Miami University
Herbert E. Longenecker, Jr., University of South Alabama
Jeffrey P. Landry, University of South Alabama
C. Scott Lusk, University of South Alabama
Bruce M. Saulnier, Quinnipiac University

197 A Model for Using a Capstone Experience as one Method of Assessment of an Information Systems Degree Program
Meg Murray, Kennesaw State University
Jorge Pérez, Kennesaw State University
Mario Guimaraes, Kennesaw State University

209 On the Design and Development of WEBSEE: A Web-Based Senior Exit Exam for Value-Added Assessment of a CIS Program
Faouzi Kamoun, University of Dubai
Said Selim, University of Dubai

223 Direct Assessment of IS Student Learning using an Integrative Exercise
Lynn J. McKell, Brigham Young University
Gary Hansen, Brigham Young University
Conan Albrecht, Brigham Young University

229 Integrating Soft Skills Assessment through University, College, and Programmatic Efforts at an AACSB Accredited Institution
Debbie Beard, Southeast Missouri State University
Dana Schwieger, Southeast Missouri State University
Ken Surendran, Southeast Missouri State University

241 Using Projects Scoring Rubrics to Assess Student Learning in an Information Systems Program
Doncho Petkov, Eastern Connecticut State University
Olga Petkova, Central Connecticut State University
Marianne D'Onofrio, Central Connecticut State University
A. T. Jarmoszko, Central Connecticut State University

Volume 19 Number 3, Fall 2008

263 Teaching Tip: Learning Experience with Virtual Worlds
Christian Wagner, City University of Hong Kong

267 Teaching Tip: An On-Demand Text-to-Speech Agent
Goerge H. Bodnar, Duquesne University

271 Classroom Minicases: Five Data Validation Cases
Mark G. Simkin, University of Nevada - Reno

277 Teaching Case: The Recovery Care and Treatment Center: A Database Design and Development Case
Ranida B. Harris, Indiana University Southeast
Kara L. Vaught, Indiana University Southeast

281 Online Education Forum: Part Three - A Quality Online Educational Experience
Charlene A. Dykman, University of St. Thomas
Charles K. Davis, University of St. Thomas

291 Enabling Customization through Web Development: An Iterative Study of the Dell Computer Corporation Website
Chang Liu, Northern Illinois University
Brian G. Mackie, Northern Illinois University

301 Gender Differences and Intra-Gender Differences amongst Management Information Systems Students
Sylvia Beyer, University of Wisconsin - Parkside

311 Learning Human Aspects of Collaborative Software Development
Irit Hadar, University of Haifa
Sofia Sherman, Technion - Israel Institute of Technology
Orit Hazzan, Technion - Israel Institute of Technology

321 Engaging Students with Constructivist Participatory Examinations in Asynchronous Learning Networks
Dezhi Wu, Southern Utah University
Michael Bieber, New Jersey Institute of Technology
Starr R. Hiltz, New Jersey Institute of Technology

331 Controlling Curriculum Redesign with a Process Improvement Model
Dennis Drinka, University of Alaska - Anchorage
Minnie Y.-M. Yen, University of Alaska - Anchorage

343 Exploring the Importance of Mentoring for New Scholars: A Social Exchange Perspective
Joseph C. Ugrin, Kansas State University
Marcus D. Odom, Southern Illinois University
J. Michael Pearson, Southern Illinois University

351 Mapping the MIS Curriculum Based on Critical Skills of New Graduates: An Empirical Examination of IT Professionals
James P. Downey, University of Central Arkansas
Mark E. McMurtrey, University of Central Arkansas
Steven M. Zeltmann, University of Central Arkansas

Volume 19 Number 4, Winter 2008

375 Teaching Tip: Tools and Techniques for Simplifying the Analysis of Captured Packet Data
Thomas P. Cavaiani, Boise State University

379 Teaching Tip: Clarifying Normalization
Donald A. Carpenter, Mesa State College

383 Teaching Case: Knowledge Creation through User-Guided Data Mining: A Database Case
David M. Steiger, University of Maine

395 Teradata University Network: A No Cost Web-Portal for Teaching Database, Data Warehousing, and Data-Related Subjects
Nenad Jukic, Loyola University - Chicago
Paul Gray, Claremont Graduate University

403 Identifying Employer Needs from Accounting Information Systems Programs
Thomas W. Dillon, James Madison University
S. E. Kruck, James Madison University

411 Effective Use of Case Studies in the MIS Capstone Course through Semi-Formal Collaborative Teaching
Jeffrey S. Harper, Indiana State University
Steven W. Lamb, Indiana State University
James R. Buffington, Indiana State University

419 A Preliminary Examination of the Factors for Knowledge Sharing in Technology Mediated Learning
Yujong Hwang, DePaul University

431 Emerging Educational Technology: Assessing the Factors that Influence Instructors' Acceptance in Information Systems and Other Classrooms
Diane M. Ball, Hodges University
Yair Levy, Nova Southeastern University

445 Business Student Computer Self-Efficacy: Ten Years Later
Rex Karsten, University of Northern Iowa
Dennis Schmidt, University of Northern Iowa

455 Student Monks: Teaching Recursion in an IS or CS Programming Course using the Towers of Hanoi
Alan C. Benander, Cleveland State University
Barbara A. Benander, Cleveland State University