Journal of Information Systems Education (JISE)

Volume 15

Volume 15 Number 4, Pages 437-450

Winter 2004

A Framework for Comparing IS Core Curriculum and IS Requirements for Accounting Majors

Christine P. Andrews
Judy Wynekoop

Florida Gulf Coast University
Fort Myers, FL 33965, USA

Abstract: Core curriculum in information systems is of vital interest to the information systems community. Long scrutinized by the academic community and various stakeholders, the content of information systems core curriculum is once again a topic of debate. Accounting has undergone similar curriculum examination (including technology curriculum) amid criticisms for a variety of accounting failures in the 1990s. We map information systems core curriculum frameworks to accounting core curriculum frameworks for information systems courses and confirm the value of a core information systems curriculum for accounting majors. Using industry perspective as a focus, a pilot study in a graduate accounting information systems course identified information systems topics that are of distinct importance to managerial accountants as opposed to public accountants, suggesting different information systems curriculum needs within the major. This study resulted in the development of a three-dimensional modular information systems curriculum model mapping topical areas in information systems to specific major with Bloom's taxonomy represented on the third axis indicating how the learning takes place. Examination of information systems topics required by major within business may help confirm the identity of core concepts in information systems.

Keywords: Information systems curriculum, Curriculum frameworks, Accounting information systems education

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Recommended Citation: Andrews, C. P. & Wynekoop, J. (2004). A Framework for Comparing IS Core Curriculum and IS Requirements for Accounting Majors. Journal of Information Systems Education, 15(4), 437-450.