Journal of Information Systems Education (JISE)

Volume 11

Volume 11 Number 3-4, Pages 127-132

Fall 2000

Competency-Based Educational Program Effectiveness Assessment

David W. Johnson
Florida Gulf Coast University
Fort Myers, FL 33965, USA

Abstract: Colleges and universities, like most businesses, need to regularly assess the effectiveness of their products and services. In fact, such analysis is usually required by accrediting bodies to ensure that educational institutions, and each of their departments, show continual improvement. This paper describes a competency-based approach to effectiveness assessment at the program level utilizing various feedback mechanisms. Also discussed is an approach to feedback analysis using curriculum-competency mapping that can suggest areas for program improvements. Finally, experiences in applying the competency-based assessment process for the Computer Information Systems program of a small college are described.

Keywords: Program assessment, Competencies, Curriculum evaluation, Computer information systems, Continual improvement

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Recommended Citation: Johnson, D. W. (2000). Competency-Based Educational Program Effectiveness Assessment. Journal of Information Systems Education, 11(3-4), 127-132.