Journal of Information Systems Education (JISE)

Volume 11

Volume 11 Number 1-2, Pages 61-66

Spring 2000

Using Information Systems as a Unifying Influence in an Integrated Business Curriculum

Norman Pendegraft
Robert W. Stone
C. Randall Byers

University of Idaho
Moscow, ID 83844, USA

Abstract: The integrated business curriculum of a College of Business at a public university in the northwestern United States uses semester projects and thematic examples to demonstrate that most business problems transcend functional areas. Information systems have proven to be especially useful for this purpose. The focus of the article is to describe the integrated business curriculum in general and, more specifically, the role of information systems as an integrative force within this curriculum. Specifically, the use of information systems models to develop thematic slides for reference purposes during class lectures and integrative information system student projects are described. Examples of these thematic slides and integrative projects are provided. Also presented are recommendations regarding how these techniques can be used in information systems courses.

Keywords: Integrated business curriculum, IS projects, Integration, IS, Cross-functional approaches

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Recommended Citation: Pendegraft, N., Stone, R. W., & Byers, C. R. (2000). Using Information Systems as a Unifying Influence in an Integrated Business Curriculum. Journal of Information Systems Education, 11(1-2), 61-66.