Journal of Information Systems Education (JISE)

Volume 17

Volume 17 Number 2, Pages 185-194

Summer 2006

E-Commerce and the Undergraduate MIS Curricula: an Exploratory Study

Helen M. Moshkovich
Alexander I. Mechitov

University of Montevallo
Montevallo, AL 35115, USA

David L. Olson
University of Nebraska
Lincoln, NE 68588, USA

Abstract: Undergraduate MIS curricula should reflect the popularity of e-commerce technologies in business practices. The study analyzes current trends of incorporating e-commerce content and skills into the undergraduate MIS curricula of AACSB accredited business schools. A definite trend to incorporate e-commerce knowledge and skills into the elective component of undergraduate MIS programs was found. Problems identified and possible solutions are discussed.

Keywords: E-commerce, E-business, Information systems curriculum, Undergraduate MIS curriculum, Client-side web development, Server-side web development

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Recommended Citation: Moshkovich, H. M., Mechitov, A. I., & Olson, D. L. (2006). E-Commerce and the Undergraduate MIS Curricula: an Exploratory Study. Journal of Information Systems Education, 17(2), 185-194.