Journal of Information Systems Education (JISE)

Volume 8

Volume 8 Number 2-3, Pages 9-13

Summer/Fall 1996

Computing and Society: An Innovative Teaching Approach

Cathy Bishop-Clark
Miami University
Middletown, OH 45042, USA

Abstract: It is becoming increasingly important that students of all majors become aware of the impact of computing on society. This paper presents a different approach to teaching an introductory class on computing and society. There were no textbook, no lectures, and no tests in the class. Instead, students read interesting stories on computing and took turns guiding discussions. They wrote papers and completed a substantial project on a topic of their choice. Students communicated with one another and the teacher through e-mail and bulletin boards. The details of the course and the teaching techniques, a student's reaction, and the instructors assessment are discussed in the paper.

Keywords: Education, Teaching techniques, Computing and society

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Recommended Citation: Bishop-Clark, C. (1996). Computing and Society: An Innovative Teaching Approach. Journal of Information Systems Education, 8(2-3), 9-13.