Journal of Information Systems Education (JISE)

Volume 5

Volume 5 Number 4, Pages 34-37

Winter 1993

Student Internship in Information Systems: Creating Opportunities and Solutions

David van Over
Byron Dangerfield

University of Idaho
Moscow, ID 83843, USA

Abstract: A common problem in academics is the effective use of technology to support faculty use of information technology both in and out of the classroom. Administrators have tried four strategies to support technology: rely on a computer user services department, hire a technology specialist in a staff position, require one or more faculty to be responsible for the technology, or use students in a combined learning/service role. This paper describes our use of Information System students as interns. We discuss how our internship program has both solved technology problems for faculty and staff and created opportunities for students. We describe the implementation and management of the student internship program. We conclude the paper with a description of a typical project, the installation of a network throughout the college.

Keywords: Student internships, Technology support, Student projects

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Recommended Citation: van Over, D. & Dangerfield, B. (1993). Student Internship in Information Systems: Creating Opportunities and Solutions. Journal of Information Systems Education, 5(4), 34-37.