Journal of Information Systems Education (JISE)

Volume 5

Volume 5 Number 4, Pages 24-26

Winter 1993

The Business Protocol Expert System: An International Business Manners Advisor

Jay Liebowitz
George Washington University
Washington, DC 20052, USA

Abstract: Business applications of expert systems are continuing to increase in number and diversity. International business applications of expert systems, however, are few and far between. This paper describes an international business protocol expert system which is quite novel as an application. This mini-case study could benefit a variety of educators/trainers by: (1) allowing themselves and their students to become more familiar with international customs and cross-cultural differences; (2) presenting an interactive program that could be used in the information systems course as a way to internationalize the course; and (3) helping American students in international business courses to become better aware of their foreign colleagues and their customs.

Keywords: Expert systems, Applied artificial intelligence, International business, Protocol

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Recommended Citation: Liebowitz, J. (1993). The Business Protocol Expert System: An International Business Manners Advisor. Journal of Information Systems Education, 5(4), 24-26.