Journal of Information Systems Education (JISE)

Volume 4

Volume 4 Number 3, Pages 22-25

Fall 1992

Instructional Design for Multimedia

John M. Ross
Indiana University - Kokomo
Kokomo, IN 46904, USA

Abstract: Instructional design concepts are not new regardless of how little they may be discussed (or ignored) in technology projects. Part of the problem is that instructional design is often viewed by information systems (IS) educators as synonymous with structured design. Unfortunately, as IS educators move into the world of using and teaching with multimedia technologies, such simplifications can lead to projects that become structured failures. This overview highlights key areas associated with instructional design that should allow the reader to avoid many pitfalls associated with multimedia utilization in higher education and training.

Keywords: Multimedia, Instructional design, Videodisc, Information system curriculum, Training

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Recommended Citation: Ross, J. M. (1992). Instructional Design for Multimedia. Journal of Information Systems Education, 4(3), 22-25.