Journal of Information Systems Education (JISE)

Volume 28

Volume 28 Number 1, Pages 59-70

November 2017

An Integrated Learning Approach to Teaching an Undergraduate Information Systems Course

Robert J. Riordan
Michael J. Hine

Carleton University
Ottawa, ON, Canada

Tim C. Smith
University of Tampa
Tampa, FL 33606, USA

Abstract: This paper describes the redesign and implementation of an introductory Information Systems class. The redesign was guided by principles drawn from the experiential and active learning literature. Central to the redesign are two simulated companies: petGRO, a fictional ERP-enabled pet food and accessories e-tailer; and beans4all, a technology consulting company of which all registered students are employees. Students work in solution crews throughout the semester to solve a set of technology-related challenges that their client, petGRO, is facing. Initial student response to the redesign has been mixed. Survey responses indicate that students have an increased interest in IS after taking the course. There was a significant increase in students’ perception of the usefulness of the knowledge gained from the course in subsequent courses. However, this result is countered by a decrease in students’ perception of whether the course led to an improvement in their academic skills. Open-ended comments reveal the polarizing nature of the redesign but with more positive than negative comments.

Keywords: Introductory course, Active learning, Experiential learning & education, Simulation, Role-play

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Recommended Citation: Riordan, R. J., Hine, M. J., & Smith, T. C. (2017). An Integrated Learning Approach to Teaching an Undergraduate Information Systems Course. Journal of Information Systems Education, 28(1), 59-70.