Journal of Information Systems Education (JISE)

Volume 22

Volume 22 Number 2, Pages 123-134

Summer 2011

Hands-on ERP Learning: Using OpenERP®, an Alternative to SAP®

Ramakrishna Ayyagari
University of Massachusetts - Boston
Boston, MA 02125, USA

Abstract: Recent struggles with ERP systems (Kanaracus, 2010) highlight that teaching ERP skills is still very relevant today. Previous research suggests that knowledge of ERP concepts is more important than skills with any particular ERP package (Strong et al., 2006). However, a review of published studies in JISE shows a bias towards commercial ERP solutions (like SAP®). This gives the impression of high entry barriers to teach hands-on ERP skills. We suggest the use of freely available open source solution – OpenERP®, as an alternative for teaching hands-on ERP concepts. This provides numerous schools an avenue to teach hands-on component without the need for significant resource commitment. Our experiences from a simple role-playing exercise and related hands-on component using OpenERP® are discussed. In conclusion, we make an important contribution by providing details and experiences with using a free ERP solution – OpenERP®.

Keywords: Enterprise resource planning (ERP), Experiential learning & education, Instructional pedagogy, Computer assisted education, Course development models, Team projects

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Recommended Citation: Ayyagari, R. (2011). Hands-on ERP Learning: Using OpenERP®, an Alternative to SAP®. Journal of Information Systems Education, 22(2), 123-134.