Journal of Information Systems Education (JISE)

Volume 22

Volume 22 Number 1, Pages 15-18

Spring 2011

Teaching Case
Convention Center Management: A Systems Analysis & Design Course Project

Brandi N. Guidry
Michael W. Totaro

University of Louisiana - Lafayette
Lafayette, LA 70504, USA

Abstract: A challenge faced by many instructors of systems analysis and design courses is the selection or development of projects that provide challenging, yet suitable, learning experiences for the students. Employing a system development project case in undergraduate MIS courses offers students a multitude of opportunities to experientially examine real-world problems that require real-world solutions. This case provides a proposed experiential learning opportunity for students enrolled in the Systems Analysis & Design course. The learning objectives, project specifications and system requirements are presented, all of which provide students with the information necessary to complete each of the phases of a systems analysis and design methodology. Teaching Notes that offer reference materials for instructors are also provided.

Keywords: Systems analysis & design

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Recommended Citation: Guidry, B. N. & Totaro, M. W. (2011). Teaching Case: Convention Center Management: A Systems Analysis & Design Course Project. Journal of Information Systems Education, 22(1), 15-18.