Journal of Information Systems Education (JISE)

Volume 21

Volume 21 Number 4, Pages 355-360

Winter 2010

Teaching Tip
Consuming Web Services: A Yahoo! Newsfeed Reader

Mohammad Dadashzadeh
Oakland University
Rochester, MI 48309, USA

Abstract: Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) shows demonstrable signs of simplifying software integration. It provides the necessary framework for building applications that can be integrated and can reduce the cost of integration significantly. Organizations are beginning to architect new integration solutions following the SOA approach. As such, information systems (IS) curricula must introduce students to SOA and Web Services as early as possible. This paper presents an ideal opportunity to expose IS students to SOA as soon as they are introduced to the basics of HTML and programming. The application developed by students, a Yahoo! newsfeed reader, running as a client-side application, has the additional benefit of only requiring the Internet Explorer. A JavaScript translation and an implementation of the application in classic Active Server Pages (ASP) for server-side execution are also presented.

Keywords: Service oriented architecture, SOA, Web services, RSS, Newsfeed, VBScript, JavaScript, ASP

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Recommended Citation: Dadashzadeh, M. (2010). Teaching Tip: Consuming Web Services: A Yahoo! Newsfeed Reader. Journal of Information Systems Education, 21(4), 355-360.