Journal of Information Systems Education (JISE)

Volume 21

Volume 21 Number 3, Pages 283-290

Fall 2010

Teaching Tip
An Introduction to Collaboration with SharePoint for First-Year Business Students

Laura Atkins
Carey Cole
James Madison University
Harrisonburg, VA 22807, USA

Abstract: The need for collaboration skills in today’s market is increasing, with more businesses looking for ways to streamline communication, improve innovation, and share corporate knowledge. Students at the beginning of their college careers have had numerous opportunities to work in groups, but very few opportunities to engage in true collaboration. This Teaching Tip provides an approach to teaching collaboration as part of an Introduction to Computer Information Systems course, and incorporating it into course work so students can begin to develop the skills they will need for workplace collaboration. Initially, students tend to see collaboration and cooperation as interchangeable terms; the approach outlined here focuses on the collaboration concepts of content sharing, feedback, and iteration. By applying these concepts and using a collaboration tool like Microsoft SharePoint, the instructor can guide the students to understanding true collaboration.

Keywords: Collaboration, Collaboration exercises, Group assignments, Feedback, Iteration, Content sharing, SharePoint

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Recommended Citation: Atkins, L. & Cole, C. (2010). Teaching Tip: An Introduction to Collaboration with SharePoint for First-Year Business Students. Journal of Information Systems Education, 21(3), 283-290.