Journal of Information Systems Education (JISE)

Volume 21

Volume 21 Number 2, Pages 233-240

Summer 2010

Teaching ERP systems: A Multi-Perspective View on the ERP System Market

Axel Winkelmann
University of Koblenz-Landau
Koblenz, 56070, Germany

Christian Leyh
Technische Universität Dresden
Dresden, 98593, Germany

Abstract: In order to increase the diversity in IS education, we discuss an approach for teaching medium-sized ERP systems in university courses. Many of today’s IS curricula are biased toward a few large ERP packages. Nevertheless, these ERP systems are only a part of the ERP market. Therefore, this paper describes a course outline for an additional course on medium-sized ERP systems. Students had to study, analyze, and compare different ERP systems on their own during a semester. The seminar took place at three universities at the same time. The paper introduces a procedure model and a scenario for setting up similar courses at other universities. Furthermore, it discusses some of the students’ outcomes and evaluates the contribution of the course with regard to a practical but also academic IS education in a comparison of the three universities.

Keywords: ERP, Teaching case, Problem-based learning, Small and medium-sized enterprises

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Recommended Citation: Winkelmann, A. & Leyh, C. (2010). Teaching ERP systems: A Multi-Perspective View on the ERP System Market. Journal of Information Systems Education, 21(2), 233-240.