Journal of Information Systems Education (JISE)

Volume 21

Volume 21 Number 1, Pages 121-130

Spring 2010

Towards Greater Learner Control: Web Supported Project-Based Learning

Cameron Guthrie
Toulouse Business School
Toulouse, France

Abstract: Project-based learning has been suggested as an appropriate pedagogy to prepare students in information systems for the realities of the business world. Web-based resources have been used to support such pedagogy with mixed results. The paper argues that the design of web-based learning support to cater to different learning styles may give students more control over the learning process. A case study approach was used to analyse an undergraduate information systems class in a French business school. The results show that while students generally believe they attained the class learning objectives, they react very differently to this pedagogy.

Keywords: Project-based learning, PBL, Case study, Learning styles, Online scaffolding

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Recommended Citation: Guthrie, C. (2010). Towards Greater Learner Control: Web Supported Project-Based Learning. Journal of Information Systems Education, 21(1), 121-130.