Journal of Information Systems Education (JISE)

Volume 20

Volume 20 Number 1, Pages 5-12

Spring 2009

Teaching Tip
Using Word Scrambles as an Information Systems Creativity Warm-Up Exercise

Steven M. Dunphy
Constance C. Milbourne
Indiana University Northwest
Gary, IN 46408, USA

Abstract: A warm-up exercise for the purpose of fostering creativity, imagination and interest is suggested for use in the introductory Management of Information Systems course. Specifically, a series of word scrambles are proposed the solution of which comprises a surprise answer based on a concept in the information systems course textbook. In the first condition students attempt to solve two word scrambles on their own. In the second condition, students solve the exercises using the computer as an aid. Because this is a timed exercise, it is posited that students will report greater ease in solving the second set of word scrambles more quickly and with greater accuracy. The exercise can serve as an example of a computer aided decision support system resulting in greater textbook understanding now and may also prove useful in the development of other possible decision support systems later.

Keywords: Word puzzles, Decision making, Creativity enhancement, Learning

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Recommended Citation: Dunphy, S. M. & Milbourne, C. C. (2009). Teaching Tip: Using Word Scrambles as an Information Systems Creativity Warm-Up Exercise. Journal of Information Systems Education, 20(1), 5-12.