Journal of Information Systems Education (JISE)

Volume 10

Volume 10 Number 2, Pages 28-30

Summer 1999

YES: Women Do Have an Aptitude for Programming!

Charles L. Geigner
Thomas P. Schambach

Illinois State University
Normal, IL 61790, USA

Abstract: The ratio of women involved in computing has been historically moderate, and has receded at an alarming pace over the past decade, contributing to the critical labor shortage in the computing field. This paper investigates whether females lack aptitude for computer programming, or conversely whether they possess an aptitude for the discipline and could thus provide critical services within this high paying occupation if they chose to do so. Results demonstrate that females and males possess substantially the same level of aptitude for computer programming, and that for both groups a substantial portion of applicants from non-computing backgrounds demonstrated reasonable levels of progamming aptitude.

Keywords: Career selection, Women in computing, Programming aptitude, Self-efficacy

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Recommended Citation: Geigner, C. L. & Schambach, T. P. (1999). YES: Women Do Have an Aptitude for Programming! Journal of Information Systems Education, 10(2), 28-30.