Journal of Information
Systems Education
Lee A. Freeman, Editor

Journal of Information Systems Education

Contents Volume 26 Number 1, Winter 2015

Note: Papers presented in this issue are available online at many of the indexing services through your library.  Abstracts are provided in the links below. If you would like a copy of this issue, please go to the Individual Subscription Request and follow the instructions for a JISE subscription  (full year or single issue).

Teaching Tip
Making Data Flow Diagrams Accessible for Visually Impaired Students Using Excel Tables
Vicki L. Sauter


Teaching Case
American Association of University Women: Branch Operations Data Modeling Case
Ranida B. Harris and Thomas L. Wedel 


Teaching Social Media Analytics: An Assessment Based on Natural Disaster Postings
Tiong T. Goh and Pei-Chen Sun


Design and Delivery of a New Course of Information Technology for Small Business
Shouhoung Wang and Hai Wang


The Impact of Student Expectations in Using Instructional Tools on Student Engagement: A Look through the Expectation Disconfirmation Theory Lens
Colleen Schwarz and Zhiwei Zhu


Assessing the Efficacy of Incorporating Game Dynamics in a Learning Management System
Raymond D. Frost, Vic Matta, and Erin MacIvor


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