Journal of Information
Systems Education
Lee A. Freeman, Editor

Journal of Information Systems Education

Contents Volume 25 Number 3, Fall 2014

Note: Papers presented in this issue are available online at many of the indexing services through your library.  Abstracts are provided in the links below. If you would like a copy of this issue, please go to the Individual Subscription Request and follow the instructions for a JISE subscription  (full year or single issue).

Teaching Tip
Cultivating and Nurturing Undergraduate IS Research
Stefan Tams


Teaching Tip
Enhancing Student Engagement: A Group Case Study Approach
Aakash Taneja


IS Course Success in Liberal Arts Institutions - What's the Formula
Suvankar Ghosh, Bijayananda Naik, and Xiaolin Li


Teaching Information Security with Workflow Technology- A Case Study Approach
Wu He, Ashish Kshirsagar, Alexander Nwala, and Yaohang Li


Promoting Information Systems Major to Undergraduate Students - A Comprehensive Investigation
Lei Li, Chi Zhang, and Guangzhi Zheng


Teaching Business Process Management with Simulation in Graduate Business Program: An Integrative Approach
Satya Prakash Saraswat, Dennis M. Anderson, and Alina M. Chircu


Towards the Gamification of Learning: Investigating Student Perceptions of Game Elements
Christopher Cheong, Justing Filippou, and France Cheong


Learning Computing Topics in Undergraduate Information Systems Courses: Managing Perveived Difficulty
Jeffrey D. Wall and Janice Knapp


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