Journal of Information
Systems Education
Lee A. Freeman, Editor

Journal of Information Systems Education

Contents Volume 23, Number 4 (2012)

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Teaching Tip
Using Rapid Game Prototyping for Exploring Requirements Discovery and Modeling

Nikunj Dalal


A Comprehensive, Competency-Based Education Framework
Using Medium Sized ERP Systems

Brenda Scholtz, Charmain Cilliers, and André Calitz


Information Security Trends and Issues in the Moodle E-Learning Platform:
An Ethnographic Content Analysis

Christopher Schultz


Increasing Student Performance Through the Use of Web Services in Introductory
Programming Classrooms: Results from a Series of Quasi-Experiments

Bryan Hosack, Billy Lim, and W. Paul Vogt


Applying Analogical Reasoning Techniques for Teaching XML
Document Querying Skills in Database Classes

Michel Mitri


Changing the Introductory IS Course to Improve Future
Enrollments: An Irish Perspective
Eoin Whelan and David Firth


Exploring Factors That Influence Students’ Behaviors in Information Security
Cheolho Yoon, Jae-Won Hwang, and Rosemary Kim


Examining IS Curriculum Profiles and the IS 2010 Model
Curriculum Guidelines in AACSB-Accredited Schools
Robert J. Mills, Nicole Forsgren Velasquez, Kelly J. Fadel, and Corbin C. Bell


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