Journal of Information
Systems Education
Lee A. Freeman, Editor

Journal of Information Systems Education

Contents Volume 22, Number 3 (2011)

Special Issue on the Global Information Security and Assurance in IS Education

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Call for Paper
Information Security and Assurance in IS Education


Incorporating Ethics and Social Responsibility in IS Education
Albert L. Harris, Michael Lang, Dave Yates, and S. E. Kruck


Information Ethics Education for a Multicultural World
Kenneth R. Fleischmann, Russell W. Robbins, and William A. Wallace


Students' Ethical Decision-Making in an Information Technology
Context: A Theory of Planned Behavior Approach

Cynthia K. Riemenschneider, Lori N. K. Leonard, and Tracy S. Manly


Integrating Healthcare Ethical Issues Into IS Education
Leigh W. Cellucci, Elizabeth J. Layman, Robert Campbell, and Xiaoming Zeng
(2 support files: Illustrate Data Release Ethical Issues & Datasets and Tutorial)


The Effect of Distributing Electronic Notes to Students: Ethical Considerations
Raised By Computer Science Faculty at The University Of Namibia

Tulimevava Kaunapawa Mufeti, Jameson Mbale, and Nalina Suresh


Using Debates to Teach Information Ethics
A. Graham Peace


Teaching IS Ethics: Applying A Research Technique For Classroom Use
Fred Niederman, Sallie Taylor, Geoffrey N. Dick, and Lesley Pek Wee Land


Teaching Ethical Reflexivity in Information Systems: How to Equip Students to Deal With
Moral and Ethical Issues of Emerging Information and Communication Technologies

Bernd Carsten Stahl


The Effects of Teaching the Universality Thesis on Students' Integrative
Complexity of Thought

Tero Vartiainen, Mikko Siponen, and Liisa Myyry


Trade Secret Law and Information Systems: Can Your Students Keep a Secret?
Lorrie Willey, Janet C. Ford, Barbara Jo White, and Danial L. Clapper


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