Journal of Information
Systems Education
Lee A. Freeman, Editor

Journal of Information Systems Education

Contents Volume 20, Number 3 (2009)

Note: Papers presented in this issue are available online at many of the indexing services through your library.  Abstracts are provided in the links below. If you would like a copy of this issue, please go to the Individual Subscription Request and follow the instructions for a JISE subscription  (full year or single issue).

Teaching Tip
An Approach to Reducing Cognitive Load in the Teaching of Introductory Database Concepts
John M. Bunch


Teaching Tip
An Inexpensive Device for Teaching Public Key Encryption
Norman Pendegraft


Teaching Case
Migrating Legacy Systems in the Global Merger & Acquisition Environment
Pairin Katerattanakul, Hwee-Joo Kam, James J. Lee, and Soongoo Hong


An Exploratory Review of Design Principles in Constructivist Gaming Learning Environments
Roberto A. Muñoz Rosario and George R. Widmeye


Improving the Communication Skills of IS Developers during Requirements Elicitation using Experiential Learning
Mustafa H. Qurban and Richmond D. Austria


Desirable ICT Graduate Attributes: Theory vs. Practice
J. Debuse and M. Lawley


Interdisciplinary Student Teams Projects: A Case Study
S. E. Kruck and Faye P. Teer


The Importance of Synchronous Interaction for Student Satisfaction with Course Web Sites
Qidong Cao, Thomas E. Griffin and Xue Bai


Virtualization Technologies in Information Systems Education
Dale L. Lunsford


Knowledge and Skill Requirements for Entry-Level Information Technology Workers: A Comparison of Industry and Academia
Cheryl L. Aasheim, Lixin Li and Susan Williams


MIS versus Computer Science: An Empirical Comparison of the Influences on the Students’ Choice of Major
James P. Downey, Ronnie McGaughey and David Roach


Practicing Learner-Centered Teaching: Pedagogical Design and Assessment of a Second Life Project
Shu Z. Schiller


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