Journal of Information
Systems Education
Lee A. Freeman, Editor

Journal of Information Systems Education

Contents Volume 19, Number 1 (2008)

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Call for Papers - Special Issue on the Impacts of Web 2.0 and Virtual World Technologies on IS Education

Teaching Tip
First Impressions: An Alternative Way to Start a Systems Development Course
Jack W. Fellers

Online Education Forum
Part One – The Shift Toward Online Education
Charlene A. Dykman and Charles K. Davis


Analysis of Skills Requirement for Entry-Level Programmer/Analysts in Fortune 500 Corporations
Choong Kwon Lee and Hyo-Joo Han


Incorporating Virtual Teamwork Training into MIS Curricula
Fang Chen, James Sager, Gail Corbitt, and Stanley C. Gardiner


Why Are Students Not Majoring in Information Systems?
Kent A. Walstrom, Thomas P. Schambach, Keith T. Jones, and William J. Crampton


Clicking to Learn: A Case Study of Embedding Radio-Frequency based Clickers in an Introductory Management Information Systems Course
Matthew L. Nelson, Roslin V. Hauck


Proposing a New Framework and an Innovative Approach to Teaching Reengineering and ERP Implementation Concepts
Robert Pellerin and Pierre Hadaya


Opening the Classroom
Richard T. Watson, Marie-Claude Boudreau, Paul T. York, Martina Greiner, and Donald E. Wynn


The Impact of Students’ Perceived Computer Experience on Behavior and Performance in an Introductory Information Systems Course
Deborah J. Ballou, Brian R. Huguenard


Defining Projects to Integrate Evolving Team Fundamentals and Project Management Skills
Harold Smith, III, Debra Smarkusky, and Elizabeth Corrigall


Assessing Individual-level Factors Supporting Student Intrinsic Motivation in Online Discussions: A Qualitative Study
Ronnie H. Shroff, Douglas R. Vogel, and John Coombes


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