Journal of Information
Systems Education
Lee A. Freeman, Editor

Journal of Information Systems Education

Contents Volume 16, Number 4 (2005)

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Call for Papers - Special Issue on Systems Analysis & Design Education


Teaching Tip
Peer Review to Support Student Assessment in Teams
Sigi Goode and Seng-Thiam The


Teaching Tip
An Active X SQL Resource
George H Bodnar


Teaching Case
Greta's Gym: A Teaching Case for Term-Long Database Projects
Gina C. Green


Analyses of Information Systems Students’ Applications of Two Holistic Problem Solving Methodologies
Philip F. Musa, Vickie Cox Edmondson, and George Munchus

Agile Methodology Adoption Decisions: An Innovative Approach to Teaching and Learning
John McAvoy and David Sammon

Multicultural Effectiveness Assessment of Students in IS Courses
Tom Margavio, Mike Hignite, Duane Moses, and Geanie W. Margavio


Contemporary Usage of CASE Tools in U. S. Colleges and Universities
Susan J. Chinn, Scott J. Lloyd, and Eric Kyper


SAP-related Education – Status Quo and Experiences
Michael Rosemann, and Amelia A. Maurizio


Practice-Based Learning in Information Systems: The Advantages for Students
Peter Rawlings, Paul White, and Robert Stephens


An Emerging On-Line “ Third Place” For Information Systems (IS) Students: Some Preliminary Observations
Lori Baker-Eveleth, Suprateek Sarker, and Daniel M. Eveleth


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