Journal of Information
Systems Education
Lee A. Freeman, Editor

Journal of Information Systems Education

Contents Volume 16, Number 3 (2005)

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Call for Papers - Special Issue on Data Modeling Education


Teaching Tip
Using Selected Options of the Ipconfig Command to Teach Network Troubleshooting Techniques
Thomas P. Cavaiani


Teaching Tip
Data Validation Matrix for Programming Courses
John F. Schrage


Teaching Case
Network Analysis and Design for Tickets Sales, Inc.
Michael Gendron and A.T. Jarmoszko

Comparing Web-Based Content Delivery and Instructor-Led Learning in a Telecommunications Course K. Russell Jones, Farhad Moeeni, and Paula Ruby

An Experimental Study of the Effectiveness of Collaborative Testing in an Entry-Level Computer Programming Class
Mark G. Simkin


Balancing Objectivist and Constructivist Pedagogies for Teaching Emerging Technologies: Evidence from a Scandinavian Case Study
Hallgeir Nilsen and Sandeep Purao


Personality and Programming
Amy B. Woszczynski, Tracy C. Guthrie, and Sherri Shade


A Competency Based MSIS Curriculum
Norma Sutcliffe, Susy S. Chan, and Makoto Nakayama


Designing Knowledge Management Systems for Teaching and Learning with Wiki Technology
Murali Raman, Terry Ryan, and Lorne Olfman


Human Resource Information System Courses: An Examination of Instructional Methods
William J. Jones and Robert C. Hoell


Teaching with a Scalable, Multidisciplinary Learning Object: A Business School Case Study
Jane E Klobas


Using the Data Modeling Worksheet to Improve Novice Data Modeler Performance
Douglas B. Bock and Susan E. Yager

E-Hermes: An Xml Tool for the Classroom
Andreas I. Nicolaou, Patricia A. Essex, Madhavarao Raghunathan, and Li Liu

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