Journal of Information
Systems Education
Lee A. Freeman, Editor

Journal of Information Systems Education

Contents Volume 16, Number 2 (2005)

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Call for Papers - Special Issue on Data Modeling Education


Teaching Tip
Improving Students’ Interest in Learning: Some Positive Techniques
Leslie Leong


Teaching Ti p
Hands-On Testing in Visual Basic Courses
Qi Yang and Joe Clifton


Use of a Technology-Mediated Learning Instructional Approach for Teaching an Introduction to Information Technology Course
Donald E. Hardaway and Richard W. Scamell


A Twelve-Step, Multiple Course Approach to Teaching Enterprise Resource Planning
Alan R. Peslak


An Exploratory Assessment of the Pedagogical Effectiveness of a Systems Development Environment
Peter Meso and Jens Liegle


A Constructivist Approach to Information Systems Teaching: A Case Study on a Design Course for Advanced-Level University Students
Franck Tétard and Erkki Patokorpi


Test Mode Familiarity and Performance - Gender and Race Comparisons of Test Scores among Computer-Literate Students in Advanced Information Systems Courses
Patricia Wallace and Roy B. Clariana


Student Understandings of Information Systems Design, Learning and Teaching: A Phenomenography Approach
Ellen Rose, Judy Le Heron and Indu Sofat


Peer-and-Self Assessment to Reveal the Ranking of Each Individual’s Contribution to a Group Project
Yanbin Tu and Min Lu


The Accreditation Process for IS Programs in Business Schools
Chandrashekar D. Challa, George M. Kasper and Richard Redmond


Faculty Attitudes toward COBOL and its Place among Other Programming Languages in the AACSB Business College Curriculum within the United States
Paula Ruby

Demonstration of Parallel Processing Computing: A Scalable Linux Personal Computer Cluster Approach
Jay Rine, Virginia Franke Kleist and Brian McConahey

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