Journal of Information
Systems Education
Lee A. Freeman, Editor

Journal of Information Systems Education

Contents Volume 14, Number 4(2003)

Call for Papers - Special Issue on Enterprise Systems Education


Teaching Tip
A Simpler Approach to Set Comparison Queries in SQL
Mohammad Dadashzadeh


Teaching Tip
Systematic Personal Training by Letting Students Teach Each Other
Harald Kjellin and Terese Stenfors


Teaching Case
Consulting at the Laser ISP (LISP) Company: Using Excel™ Metrics Capabilities to Solve Semi-structured Management Problems
Douglas L. Dean and Paul Benjamin Lowry


The Integratation of Technology Theory and Business Analysis: A Pedagogical Framework for the Undergraduate MIS Course in Data Communications and Networking
Michael Gendron and A.T. Jarmoszko


Healthcare Information Management Systems Concentration Curriculum Choices: Evaluating the CIO Perspective
Richard D. Lang


Database Tuning and Its Role In Information Technology Education
Alexander P. Pons


How Well Do Multiple Choice Tests Evaluate Student Understanding in Computer Programming Classes?
William L. Kuechler and Mark G. Simkin


Selection and Use of MySQL in a Database Management Course
James W. Denton and A. Graham Peace


An Empirical Investigation of the Relationship Between Success in Mathematics and Visual Programming Courses
Garry White and Marcos Sivitanides


Faculty and Industry Conceptions of Successful Computer Programmers
Gregory D. Sterling and Thomas M. Brinthaupt


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