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Call for Manuscripts, Teaching Tips, and Teaching Cases

Call for Papers
The Journal of Information Systems Education (JISE) is seeking original articles on current topics of special interest to IS Educators and Trainers. Research or application oriented articles that describe curriculum, pedagogy, professional development or educational facilities issues will be considered for publication in the journal. Possible topics include: course projects/cases, lecture materials, curriculum design and/or implementation, workshops, faculty/student internal/external programs, hardware/software selection, industry relations, etc. JISE also is seeking Teaching Cases and Teaching Tips.  All manuscripts, teaching tips, and teaching cases will be refereed by a rigorous evaluation process involving at least two blind reviews by qualified academic, industrial, or governmental computing professionals. Submissions will be judged not only on the suitability of the content, but also on the readability and clarity of the prose. All papers are peer reviewed.

The Journal of Information Systems Education solicits only original contributions that have not been previously published or submitted elsewhere for review/publication. Papers awaiting presentation or already presented at conferences must be revised (ideally, taking advantage of feedback received at the conference) and have a slightly modified title to receive consideration. In an effort to reduce the reviewing cycle time, JISE only accepts electronic submissions of manuscripts. To submit electronically, please include a Word file (no PDFs accepted) of your submission as an e-mail attachment addressed to In the body of your e-mail message include the author(s) name(s), contact information for the corresponding author, and the title of your submission. Your submission will be acknowledged promptly via return e-mail. All contributions must be submitted in English and will be printed without charge. See the Initial Submission Instructions for the format and requirements of your initial submission to JISE.

All manuscripts selected for publication must maintain a high standard of content, style and value to the readership. An important criterion for acceptance of a manuscript for publication is the relevance of the work to the educational/training environment and its potential usefulness for advancing the quality of IS education or training.

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