Journal of Information
Systems Education
S. E. Kruck, Lee A. Freeman, Editors

Reviewer Opportunities

The Journal of Information Systems Education constantly needs reviewers. The review process is entirely electronic. Reviewers receive a manuscript and a review form for that manuscript electronically from the Editor. Reviews are generally expected to be completed within a three week period. Reviews should be constructive and provide positive feedback to the authors. The completed review form is electronically returned to the Editor. The review process is double-blind, that is, the reviewer does not know who the manuscript author(s) is and the author(s) does not know who has reviewed the manuscript. All reviewers are acknowledged in Issue Number 4 of each JISE volume.

If you would like to become a JISE reviewer, you should send your name and affiliation to the Editor ( You will probably receive a manuscript to review shortly thereafter.

After you have established yourself as a reliable reviewer, you may be invited to join the Editorial Board.

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