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JISE Review Process

The review process for submitted papers generally follows the following steps:

  1. The author submits his/her paper electronically to
  2. The Editor will acknowledge receipt of the paper as soon as possible. This usually takes 2-5 days, depending on the Editor's schedule. If you have not received acknowledgement in 10 days, you are encouraged to inquire about the submission.
  3. Usually within 5 days of receipt, the Editor will send the paper to the Senior Editorial board for an initial review.   This usually takes about 2 weeks.  If the paper is suitable for further review, it is sent out to several Editorial board members and reviewers for comment. 
  4. Reviewers usually have three weeks to perform the review, however, on occasions the reviewer may take up to 6 weeks to complete a review.  If a reviewer is traveling or unusually busy, the process may take up to 8 weeks to be completed.
  5. Once review comments are returned, the Editor, based on the comments of the reviewers and her reading of the manuscript, forms an overall recommendation regarding publication, revision, or rejection. On occasion, the Editor will request that an additional review be performed. Once the Editor had formed an opinion on the acceptability of the paper, she will give the corresponding author the results of the review process. The Editor will normally provide the corresponding author with the comments of the reviewers.
The full review process currently takes approximately two to three months from receipt of manuscript to a response is provided to the corresponding author.

Please note that all submissions received in the month of December will be logged upon receipt, but the review process may not officially begin until January. Reviewer deadlines during the month of December are also longer. Similarly, submissions received during the summer months (May, June, and July) may also experience delays in the review process due to travel schedules. Papers are logged as soon after receipt as possible, but the processing of these manuscripts might also require additional time before officially commencing. This is to acknowledge the reality of the time constraints imposed by the December break at most universities and summer (May, June, and July) activities of reviewers and the Editor. JISE relies heavily on its reviewers, Editorial Board and IS scholars for the review process. We appreciate and acknowledge the time it takes to serve as a reviewer.


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